Tuesday 2nd April 2024 8:00pm

Tuesday 2nd April 2024 8:00pm

Tuesday 2nd April 2024 10:00pm

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Samantha Day

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Note: This event has happened.

Located in Eton (a five minute walk from Windsor & Eton Riverside overground), home of The Watermans Arms, Full Frontal Comedy invites you to grab a drink, sit back and laugh at some of the finest acts from the UK and abroad.

Full Frontal Comedy is dedicated to bringing you some of the best acts on the circuit as well as legendary comedians from TV and radio.


Samantha Day

Picture of Samantha Day

From the numbers-crunching world of accounting to the laughter-filled stages of comedy, Samantha Day's journey is as remarkable as it is hilarious.

For nearly three decades, Samantha donned the hat of an accountant, a profession she humorously admits on her LinkedIn profile.

But her innate talent for comedy and a zest for life far beyond the confines of a spreadsheet saw her pivot to a career where she truly belongs – stand-up comedy. At 55, Samantha defies age with her vibrant presence and quick wit.

Her comedic journey, though relatively recent, is studded with accolades that speak volumes about her talent.

In 2022 alone, she claimed victory at the prestigious Comedy Store King Gong and was crowned New Comedian of the Year at the Southport Comedy Festival.

Her talents also shone brightly at the Leicester Square Theatre and Bath Comedy Festival, where she was a finalist in their respective New Comedian of the Year competitions. Her rapid rise in the comedy world is not just a testament to her humor but also her ability to connect with the audience.

Flock Comedy Club describes her as a comedic powerhouse who effortlessly keeps audiences in stitches.

Trish from Genius PR & Events echoes this sentiment, highlighting Samantha's remarkable growth and her ability to captivate and engage with audiences. Samantha's personal life is as colorful and intriguing as her on-stage persona.

A mother of six, with a blend of step and biological children, she brings a unique perspective to family life, one that is both endearing and hilariously relatable.

Her maiden name, Wise, humorously juxtaposes her height, which she playfully compares to Sam Wise from "Lord of the Rings." Her foray into comedy wasn't just a leap of faith but a pursuit of true passion.

Samantha's material, praised by none other than Arthur Smith for its unmatched humor, and Nick Page's commendation of her as "the real deal," underscore her unique voice in the comedy scene. Samantha Day is more than just a comedian.

She's a storyteller, a life enthusiast, and a vibrant force on stage.

Her journey from the corporate world to comedy stages across the country is not just inspiring but a testament to following one's passion, no matter the stage in life.

With a comedic style that is both insightful and uproarious, Samantha Day is a name that resonates with laughter and authenticity in the world of comedy.

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Just brilliant. Her tit material is without equalArthur Smith

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