Patrick Monahan Headlines Full Frontal Comedy

Step right up, comedy enthusiasts, because a hilarious extravaganza is about to sweep through town! Get your calendars out and circle Tuesday, October 3rd, because that's the night when Eton is going to be filled with uproarious laughter. It's all thanks to the uproarious talents of none other than the fantastic Patrick Monahan, headlining the Full Frontal Comedy event that's guaranteed to leave your sides splitting and your spirits soaring.

Ever wished for a night of uncontrollable giggles that feels like a comedy carnival? Well, your wish is our command at Full Frontal Comedy. We're like your personal comedy genie, here to serve up a generous dose of amusement from both rising stars of the circuit and revered legends of TV and radio. This is no ordinary comedy show – it's a feast of chuckles, a banquet of belly laughs, and an all-you-can-laugh buffet for your soul.

Patrick Monahan is set to hit Eton like a comedic whirlwind. Winner of ITV's Show Me The Funny, this comic dynamo boasts a mixed heritage – half-Iranian, half-Middlesbrough – and a knack for tickling your funny bone like no other. He's like that energetic pup who can't help but greet a trouser leg with unbridled enthusiasm. Picture that, but replace the pup with Patrick and the trouser leg with a microphone, and you've got the idea! And if his comedic prowess wasn't enough, he's got an award-winning track record to back him up. From conquering BBC's Let’s Dance for Sports Relief to clinching the Best Newcomer title at the Loaded LAFTA Awards, this guy is a certified comedy conqueror.

Our laughter hub for the night is none other than the charming town of Eton, a mere stone's throw away from Windsor & Eton Riverside overground. The stage is set at The Watermans Arms, where the drinks flow freely and the echoes of mirth fill the air. So, grab your preferred libation, sink into your seat, and let the waves of laughter wash over you. Trust us, our lineup is hotter than a sauna with a jalapeño!

But that's not all, folks! Brace yourselves for a comedy double whammy, as Brandon Burke and a slew of surprise acts take the stage to keep the laughs coming.

So, comedy aficionados and laughter lovers, mark your diaries, bring your infectious chuckles, and be part of an evening that promises giggles galore. Patrick Monahan and his hilarious cohorts are gearing up to give your funny bone a workout like never before. Whether it's a tango of chuckles, a salsa of snickers, or some unknown laughter dance, be prepared to bust a move with your mirth. October 3rd is the date, and Eton is the place – we'll see you there for an unforgettable night of pure comedic magic!

“that was a quality line up probably the best I've seen”

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